10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on YouTube

The Internet is a wonderful place where people can share their passions and interests with others around the world. It’s also an amazing place where people can gain fame for some of their work. However, as much as we love the Internet, it does have its dark side – YouTubers seem to make light of suicide, rape, and other horrific behaviors in videos that are meant to be humorous or entertaining. undefined YouTube is a popular platform for both entertainment and learning. But there are some things you should avoid doing while on the site – such as posting your personal information or images of your face. This list will help you navigate YouTube safely. undefined When it comes to YouTube, it can be difficult to tell what you should and shouldn’t do.

That’s why we created this list of things you shouldn’t do on YouTube–because if you don’t know the right guidelines, you risk getting in trouble with YouTube and potentially losing a lot of views or subscribers. This list of 10 things you should never do on YouTube was originally written for Mashable.com by Christopher Mims, Senior Technology Reporter at the magazine site. The list is a reminder that even with the best intentions in mind, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we’re doing that we don’t think about the consequences of our actions. undefined

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on YouTube

YouTube can be a great place to share content, but it may not always be the best place for you. There are many people who spend hours each day watching videos online and browsing through channels, making YouTube a breeding ground for bad habits. If you’re trying to build your brand or career on platforms like YouTube, beware of these 10 things that should never happen: YouTube is full of users who want to be on the internet and make a name for themselves. Some of these people are experienced, others are not.

What too many people do not understand is that YouTube is not just a place to share videos or just a social media outlet. It is also a place where companies can advertise themselves, products and services. If you want to keep your account safe, leave the following ten things off your profile: You might be thinking that the only way to have a successful YouTube channel is to make videos about random things like candy, but you might not realize that there are a lot of rules. For example, your videos should be at least 10 minutes long, you shouldn’t use music without permission, and if you do use music, you should add a small disclaimer on your video’s description or in the video itself. In order to avoid getting a copyright strike, YouTube is constantly updating their policies.

In the last few years they’ve made it so that you can’t do these things on the platform anymore. If you make videos that are similar to others, you might get a strike as well. There is a lot of bad content on YouTube. It could be about how to make the most out of your life, how to learn a language, how to start a blog and make money, or even just something dumb and funny. That being said, there are ten things you shouldn’t do on YouTube. One thing is not to buy views. Another is not to give away your personal information or steal someone else’s.


YouTube is a great place to find inspiration, but it is also a platform where people share their life experiences and they are often in the form of personal videos. However, there are certain things that you should never do on YouTube because they will only hurt your chances of building an audience. YouTube is one of the most popular destinations in the world and it has a diverse array of videos with different types.
It can be difficult to navigate YouTube if you’re just starting out, but if you do your research there will be no shortage of information on how to get started. If you want to get into YouTube, worry less about what you should or shouldn’t do and focus more on what you are capable of doing.