13 Walmart deals you won’t find on Amazon

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As the Christmas shopping season continues, retailers are constantly trying to make offers to each other and discount them. While this often means better savings for us, it also makes it harder to tell if you’re really getting the best deal or if it’s even cheaper elsewhere. Instead of sorting page by page and comparing prices, let us do it for you.

We’ve screened Walmart Today’s deals offers that focus on finds that aren’t available on Amazon (which, for example, don’t sell a lot of Google products) and other discounts that seem to be Walmart-specific (at the time of writing). While prices and availability are always subject to change, here are some great Walmart deals you can buy right now.

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Since 2017, Switch has been one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles of all time. And during 2020, when closed people re-engaged in video games in a big way, it was almost impossible to find one. Now the landscape has changed. The all-new Switch OLED model for 2021 is a new hard-to-obtain model, but the standard switch is easier to find. The Black Friday package, which included the free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is now largely sold out, but Walmart has its own new package that includes a free carrying case and a 12-month Nintendo Online subscription, worth about $ 35, for free. . Get one more of these when you can: They’re likely to sell out quickly.


This package rose to $ 40 for a while, but has dropped to $ 25 again. This Google Assistant-compatible smart display is available in two different colors (gray and blue), and this offer also deserves a free smart light with your purchase. You can use the monitor to control your home smart devices, check the weather, use a digital photo frame, and more. It’s the same price as the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (also not available from Amazon), a model without a color display and without the included smart bulb.

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Why choose between a quick K-Cup hit and a good old-fashioned drip coffee? With the Keurig K-Duo, you can enjoy either anytime you want. This model is currently out of stock on Amazon, while a similar model costs $ 51 more.

Note that this may have ended in some locations.

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During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Quest 2’s offerings were pretty limited. The best we saw was a free $ 50 gift card at the time of purchase, but no actual price reduction. While this isn’t exactly a deal, Walmart offers the opportunity to grab one of these VR headsets for $ 100 cheaper than the next best option. These 64GB models are no longer available from most major retailers, but Walmart has had to save a lot after the Black Friday craze. Although they are technically refurbished, it is a fairly safe bet as Walmart offers the same year warranty that comes with new models. You can read the full contract description here.

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The original Chromecast offered a different streaming style than the Roku or Amazon Fire Stick TV, so you can stream or “stream” content from your phone or even mirror your computer screen to your TV. However, its biggest drawback was that it lacked any kind of browsing interface. This new model with pre-loaded Google TV brings you the best of both worlds of streaming. You can still stream content from your phone or computer, or browse content conveniently from a variety of streaming services. You can even search by voice using either the remote control or any Google Assistant compatible device.

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Shark EZ Robot Vacuum makes cleaning easy. This vacuum cleaner fits both carpet and parquet floors and covers every room in your house and systematically cleans line by line. When it’s done, it automatically returns to the base station to charge and empty itself, so you hardly need to think about it. Just activate it at the touch of a button (or even your voice through Google Assistant-compatible devices) and return home to a clean home from day to day. We can’t find this exact model on Amazon, and the equivalent is selling for $ 100 more.


Get powerful, immersive sound right in your living room with this Samsung soundbar and subwoofer series. With a Bluetooth connection, you can place the subwoofer out of sight and help create a feeling of surround sound. This kit is also compatible with other Samsung speakers, making it a great starting point or addition to your home setup. At Amazon, we see this same unit selling for about $ 240.

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The Nest Mini is Google’s entry-level smart speaker that offers a great opportunity to start building a smart home without breaking the bank. Check the weather and news, play music, or control other smart devices, such as lights or a TV, with your voice alone. The new second-generation model also features a learning chip that tracks and anticipates the patterns of your potential requests, helping this smart speaker blend seamlessly into your home and routine. Read our Nest Mini (2nd generation) review.

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Get back in combat with this versatile hand-held massage gun. Excellent for everything from relaxation to physiotherapy, it has six speed settings and five different main attachments. And weighs only 2 pounds. and sold with a carrying case, it is also very portable.


Start your day with a healthy and refreshing smoothie with this Ninja personal blender. The 600-watt base mixes all the ingredients directly inside a 20-ounce to-go cup for a messy breakfast. Just take it off the tray, close the lid and you will get an easy and nutritious breakfast that is immediately ready to take with you.

Little Tikes

Indoors or outdoors, your child will enjoy this compact 3-foot trampoline. It has a support bar for extra balancing wrapped in a foam handle for added safety. Estimated for a maximum weight of 55 pounds. It is designed for one child at a time, and once they have used it, the bar folds down for compact storage.


If you’ve ever wanted to know more about your own origins and heritage, right now is the best time to dig, as Walmart’s state-of-the-art DNA test suite is over 50%. Just activate your kit online, follow the easy instructions to send your sample to the lab, and in six to eight weeks, you’ll have access to an archive with detailed information about your origins and ethnic origins. You can see your genetic distribution as a percentage, study your genetic history by region, and even start building a family tree with other potential relatives.

The perfect gift for the little architect, these Oversized Building Blocks offer endless fun and creativity. This bag has 80 classic colored blocks, all of which fit inside the storage bag for easy cleaning.

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Google’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display has a 7-inch screen that lets you watch videos, read recipes, host video chats, and more. You can ask Google Assistant to help with math problems or measurement conversions, tell you the daily weather, and even control the equipment in your smart home.