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6 things your dog hates about you

When you get a dog your life becomes way more fun. Now you have a best friend who’s waiting for you to come home every evening and lightens up your mood. No matter the circumstances every dog unconditionally loves his or her owner. But there are quite a few ways you can get your dogs mad without even realizing

We collected 6 of these annoying habits that our beloved pets don’t fancy at all.

Number 6: Hugging your dog

We might think that there is nothing wrong about wrapping our arms around our pets, but in fact, most dogs don’t like it, the closest dogs get to the human hug is by putting their legs over the shoulders of others, but in the dog world, it is considered to be a controlling act. That’s why some dogs simply tolerate a hug while others may see it as an act of dominance and won’t enjoy it that much

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