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Have you ever seen some of those fun dogs in the movies or even seen some of those cool dogs owned by celebrities and thought, ‘I wonder how much that dog cost’ well, there’s a reason that movie stars and royalty buy them, the rarer something, the more expensive it is when it comes to buying it. some of these dogs are so rare that they almost went extinct.

Check out these most expensive dogs in the world:

1-Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One look at this dog and you might not think that it’s a cattle-herding breed because of their small and stocky appearance. After all, Corgi is Welsh for a dwarf dog but, it’s, in fact, one of the oldest and smallest breeds in the herding group and the reason is due to its intelligence. Someone could have paid up to two thousand dollars for one of these dogs but, it’s not quite as popular as it used to be and can be found for lower.

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