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7 Mistakes cat owners make

are you determined to a doctor cat do you already live with one but think you’re making some mistakes, cats a very affectionate some funny animals which can bring much happiness if you know how to take care of them properly, although cats are relatively easy to care for it is important to know what the typical mistakes are when caring for a cat to avoid unwanted behavior, therefore today  we will explain the top 7 mistakes cat owners made,


1- Thinking That A cat is the same as a dog 

 unlike dogs, cats in the wild are solitary hunters and although they’ve conformed social groups with definite hierarchy they are generally more independent than dogs, therefore and although there are cats that’s much more submissive and affectionate than some dogs if you were looking for an extremely faithful animal companion that shows unconditional love and obedience the cat is not the right choice, in this case, it is better to adopt a dog to avoid disappointments and frustration, it is only when cats seek human companionship and affection that they want attention.

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