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Top 10 Domesticated Cat Breeds

if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of feline friend to have in your home we’ve got you covered. and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 domesticated cat breeds, for this list, we ranked cats based on their behavior body type responsibility levels how good they are around people other than their owners and their popularity among the people adopting them, now grab some catnip and let’s meet some kitties.

number 10 Bengal

this type of cat may not be the best on this list in terms of cuddling but it’s still a very adoring breed that loves attention, Bengal cats are extremely smart and athletic felines generally they’re pretty gentle creatures and are inherently domestic cats despite their rather wild-looking spots and leopard-like bone structure, if you’re inclined to take your cat out for walks on a leash this may be the breed for you.

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