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5 Foods you shouldn’t give to your pet

5 foods you shouldn’t give your pet

We’re all guilty of it but how can you not give Fido a little something off your dinner plate when he’s looking up at you with those big round puppy eyes, no matter how much it breaks your heart you really shouldn’t give in. There are so many foods out there that are perfectly harmless to people but can be dangerously toxic for pets so here’s a little guide for you on what you should never give to your furry little friends.

Number 5

Onion and garlic

Thankfully most cats and dogs will turn away from the pungent stench of an onion or garlic clove if their uninformed owner offers it to them, but in case your pet is a walking garbage disposal, make sure it can’t get to these foods and of course never give them to your furry companion according to the pet poison help.

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Number 4


According to dr. Justin Lee, a board-certified emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist, lilies are extremely toxic to animals and can destroy their kidneys if consumed. There are two types of lilies out there, benign and dangerous.

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Number 3


Avocados have a ton of health benefits, so you should try to include them in your diet. The same can’t be said about your pets. Avocados contain a fungicidal toxin. According to the pet poison helpline,  it has a mild level of toxicity only targeting certain species.

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Number 2

Coffee and chocolate

Everybody seems to know about the no chocolate rule for pets, so this one probably comes as no surprise. As for coffee well, I don’t know anybody that sits down to have their morning Joe alongside dog but still, let’s talk about why your pets shouldn’t have either one according to the pet poison helpline, caffeine can be anywhere for moderately to severely toxic to an animal it can cause elevated heart rate and body temperature, excessive urination, and dehydration.

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Number 1


Dogs and bones are like macaroni and cheese they just go hand in hand. We’re not saying you can’t give the spot a big juicy bone. Bones are a great source of minerals and nutrients for your canine companion plus the act of chewing stimulates saliva enzymes which helps prevent gum disease and plaque buildup on the teeth you just have to be careful which types of bones you’re going to give your dog according to the American Kennel Club poultry bones like chicken or turkey as well as pork bones and any cooked bones are strictly forbidden these types splinter into shards that can not only choke a dog but also do serious damage to its mouth throat or intestines.

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