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the 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

 they say dog is a man’s best friend, but most cat people would probably disagree these mesmerizing creatures can be just as playful cuddly and friendly as their canine counterparts, well that is if they’re in the mood, still cats are one of the most popular pets in the world if you’re considering getting one you should probably leave the following 10 dangerous cat breeds off your list of potential candidates


 number 10 Pallas’s cat

 with a stocky build and a flat round face, this feline is so fluffy that you might mistake it for a plush toy, but don’t fall so easily for its cuddly appearance because this is a wild cat, it was named after German naturalist Peter Palace but its scientific nomenclature is “otocolobus manul” otocolobus is a greek word meaning ugly ears.  some scientists were disgusted by the fact that this cat has around ears that sit on the sides of its head, another distinct trait of Pallas’s cat is its uncap like round eyes and pupils, the important question is can you tame this kitty? the short answer is no, don’t even try to pet it if you see one this wild cat which happens to be a distant relative of the leopard is not a social animal they’re independent territorial and well wild plus palaces cat is classified as near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature that’s why this guy should be left alone and where it belongs in the wild

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