11 Mason Jar Recipes for Spring

Besides being trendy and cute, mason jar recipes have the added appeal of being completely transportable. You can bring a lunch without a bag! Layering ingredients in a mason jar helps to keep them fresh, no matter what kind of recipe you’re making. That means it’s easier than ever for you to eat healthy. Another benefit over Tupperware is that you don’t forget what’s in there – you can see it all in the glass! Easy to clean, easy to transport –  They’re perfect for work, on-the-go meals, picnics, and more.

Since our last mason jar recipes round-up, we’ve gained a lot more on RecipeLion This trend is still going strong. We tend to love mason jar desserts the best! Just layer your favorite dessert flavors in a jar for a better-than-ice-cream remix. Trust us, it will change your life.

Here’s an updated collection of our favorite mason jar recipes. Give ’em a try and let us know what you

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