5 fathers and sons who won the same championship in WWE

WWE is a global entertainment brand that unites families and friends through its captivating stories and major superstars. These stars inspire many fans from all over the world to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Many artists entered the industry by following in the footsteps of their parents, whom they saw as heroes when they were growing up. While it may have its benefits to be related to a popular wrestler, things can still be tough.

This is because, they are usually expected to live up to the success of their predecessors. Many of these stars were able to seize the baton and sprint with it to the top of the mountain. Some even went on to have a much more decorated career than their old husband.

Let’s take a look at five fathers and sons who won the same title in WWE.

# 5 Rey and Dominik Mysterio – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Rey Mysterio is a household name in professional wrestling and he is considered the greatest cruiserweight ever by fans and experts. He has held many championships in his long career, including the coveted WWE Championship.

One of Mysterio’s greatest achievements was winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with his son Dominik. The two stars defeated the team of Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler at the WWE WrestleMania Backlash to claim the gold.

They made history that night by becoming the first father-son roof team champions ever in WWE history. Not only did they win the same title, but they held it at the same time.

During an interview with ESPN, Master of the 619 opened up about him and his son’s historic title win.

“I feel like I’m on top of the world right now,” Mysterio said. “I do not take anything from all my achievements that I have achieved in the past. This is just on another level, the fact that I have been able to share the ring with Dominik. To be the first father and son tag team champions “It’s incredible, indescribable.”

They continued to drop the titles for The Usos a few weeks later, but they are still paired together on TV. There are rumors that Rey and Dominik may soon start arguing, even though Mysterio has said he does not want to fight with his son.

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