5 Possible Early Cancer Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the world. However, the survival rates are improving due to advancements in cancer screening, treatment, and prevention. Routine screenings can catch cancer cells early.

According to Hopkins Medicine, if you’ve noticed  one or more of the following symptoms and they don’t go away, it is important to reach out to a doctor for evaluation. While many symptoms of cancer depend on the type and location, the ones below are more-systemic signs that are associated with cancers of several organs and systems. These symptoms are common and can also be caused by a variety of more-benign conditions, but it is best to raise any concerns with a professional who can put your fears to rest. 

Unexplained Weight Loss:

Unexplained weight loss can have medical and non-medical causes, and cancer is just one of many. Unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more is more likely to be a cause of concern.


Cancer fatigue isn’t similar to your normal, everyday tiredness. Extreme fatigue, which doesn’t get better with rest, can be an early sign of cancer. It can be stressful and affect your everyday life. This is because cancer uses your body’s nutrients to grow, making it so those nutrients are no longer helping your body. 


A fever is a common symptom of a cold and other infections, and often goes away on its own. But certain characteristics of a recurring fever can signal that cancer is a possible cause. You should see a doctor if the fever occurs mostly at night and you have no other signs of infection.


Pain is also a symptom that can be caused by many different health issues aside from cancer. However, persistent pain can also hint at a more serious disease. Cancer can cause pain when a mass or tumor pushes on other areas of your body, the cancer releases chemicals, or metastasis, which is the spread of cancer, occurs.

Skin Changes:

Our skin is one of the largest organs in our body. Jaundice, or the yellowing of eyes or fingertips, could potentially be a sign of cancer. Changes in moles should also raise alarm: always see your doctor if the mole is asymmetrical, has irregular borders, changes in color, or is growing.

While the above symptoms are  common signs of cancer, they are not the only ones. Your best course of action is to be aware of your body and keep an eye out for any abnormalities.

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