6 Ways to Lose Weight at Home

Due to holidays or due to several other reasons, if you have gained weight and you want to lose it now for achieving a healthier lifestyle, you need some time along with patience. As all of us try various methods to shred a few pounds after gaining a few of them. Some of the people succeed in achieving their goal of getting fit again, by adopting several measures. On the other hand, some people( mostly obese) lose hope that they can get lose weight. So, in today’s blog, I will discuss a few secrets which can help you to lose weight by staying at home.

Get a start with exercise 

Research has shown that the people who tend to exercise in the morning are fitter and healthier than those who exercise in late hours of the day. There are lots of other health benefits of working out in the morning which include, increased alertness, you get more focused on your work or house chores, have control over appetite, blood glucose control, have improved sleep, blood pressure management, and also have a better mood and more overall energy. So I would definitely suggest you get a start from morning exercise. 

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Weight loss through fasting

When you are fasting, you actually consume a lesser amount of calories than normal, or you might say no calories at all, which ultimately reduces your overall calories intake. So in this way, if you fast in short cycles, it may help the person to reduce weight. However, everyone should not fast because it can be dangerous for kids, older people, people who have the underlying disease, and also for teenagers. 

Fasting for shorter time periods of time helps people to eat fewer calories which ultimately results in weight loss over time. Similarly, intermittent fasting may cause various risk factors for health conditions like diabetes along with cardiovascular disease including cholesterol and blood sugar levels (2,3,4,5).   

Avoiding processed food intake 

Processed food is highly rich in calories, so when you stop consuming them your body ultimately loses weight. If you have been eating processed food for a long time, I would say to quit them immediately, if you want to lose weight. Processed food is higher in sodium, fats, sugar, and calories and they have lesser nutrients too. Keep in mind that avoiding processed food is not unhealthy weight loss. 

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It has been proven through research that when you stop eating processed food you lose weight faster, age slower, tend to get a lesser headache, have better skin, brain functioning, and have better hair as well. I am sure after knowing all these facts regarding processed food you would surely start hating it. 

Avoiding added sugar

Deducting added sugar from your diet, helps you to reduce weight because of fewer calories intake. According to the American heart association, cake doughnuts contain 74.2 calories just because of the added sugar in them. Likewise a can of soda, I mean the drink contains 132.5 calories due to added sugar in them. I can imagine that avoiding added sugar is not easy, but you must take a step if you want to lose weight. 

According to the national cancer institute, men in the age group of 19 or older may consume almost 19 teaspoons of sugar per day, and likewise, women of the same age group may consume 14 teaspoons of sugar per day. 

Really good things happen when you quit the intake of added sugar

Various research has proved that sugar dodges your mind in a way that you want more of it. The American heart association advises not to take more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a woman per day. So there are other amazing health benefits of quitting sugar. By quitting sugar, you tend to have control over your abdominal fats, reducing the risk of diabetes, you can shred the extra pound, and feel more energetic. 

Social support

It’s always easier to reduce weight when you have support. Support for your loved ones plays an important role in the weight loss journey. But it also depends on the person, some people feel comfortable doing workouts with their friends or family members while others utilize their time with music or social media. 

Other means of support are social networking, counseling of individuals or groups, your own partner, or workout clubs. Besides that, research is still trying to figure out how to help obese people keep their weight off after the ending of group treatments. So the research suggests that friends and family in the effort may help obese people a lot. So definitely through proper help, guidance, and counseling you can help a person to shred his/her extra pounds. 

Add proteins to your diet

If you want to reduce weight naturally choose a high-quality protein source. Emphasis more on fresh meats, eggs, fish, and dairy products, instead of processed meat like bacon and lunch meats. Try to consume well-balanced meals, balanced high protein food with vegetables, fruits, and other plant food at every meal. So eating a diet that is rich in protein can surely help you to lose weight because it may help you to avoid overeating. Along with that a high protein diet also helps you to build lean muscles as well when coordinated with exercise, which can ultimately help you to reduce weight. 

There are certain easy ways through which you can increase your protein intake. Try to eat snacks on cheese, replace the cereals with eggs, eat chopped almonds as in the topping of your food, must have protein shakes in your breakfast, take high protein food with your meals, and also choose leaner and slighter cuts of meat. 

How much protein is required to lose weight faster? 

If you want to lose weight faster then you must have a daily intake of protein between 1.6 and 2.2 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight. The athletes and heavier exercisers should consume 2.2-3.4 grams of protein per kilo(1-1.5grams per pound) if they have the aim to reduce weight on serious notes.