7 Tips on How to Announce Pregnancy to Family

Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement, and anticipation. However, how does one announce pregnancy to a family? There are many different approaches to pregnancy announcement you can take on how to tell your parents or in-laws about the news. Some people prefer to share as soon as they know while others wait until after the first trimester when it’s less likely for there to be any complications. The best thing you can do is decide how you want to approach this with your partner and then come up with a plan together that will work well for both of you!

At the end of the day, sharing your good news with the world is exciting.

7 Tips on How to Announce Pregnancy to Family

pregnancy announcement

Announcing pregnancy to your family can be stressful. You can announce your pregnancy in multiple ways however here is the list of pregnancy announcement ideas.

Get your partner on board with the idea before you announce your pregnancy

Convincing Partner

It’s always a good idea for couples to come up with how they want to approach pregnancy announcements in advance. Once you know how you both feel about how and when to reveal your pregnancy, it will be easier on everyone when telling others.

Be honest. If your partner is not excited or happy about announcing your pregnancy then let them speak their mind first before pregnancy reveals because no one wants more stress added into what can already be an emotional time of life.

Announce your pregnancy early if that feels right for you! Some people are super excited throughout the nine months and would love nothing more than sharing every day as soon as they find out while others prefer waiting until after 12 weeks so there is less chance of anything going wrong during those initial weeks where complications could arise.

Decide when and how to tell the family

If you’re planning on telling the family at a specific event such as family dinner, start getting ready in advance and make an announcement! If there’s not one specific time that works well for everyone then work together to come up with how often they would like updates.

If you are planning to announce pregnancy to parents, make sure to invite your parents, friends and family, grandma and grandpa.

Be prepared ahead of time by thinking about how you will tell your parents or in-laws so that it is less awkward and more natural when finally sitting down to talk. The best thing you can do is decide how you want to approach this with your partner first before coming up with a plan together that will work well for both of them as we mentioned above!

Don’t be surprised if some people are tentative to bring it up again out.

If you’re announcing your pregnancy to your parents in person then some of these pregnancy announcement ideas include:


  • fun ways to announce pregnancy
  • creative ways to announce pregnancy
  • embroidered ultrasound is an adorable way to announce big news
  • Sharing SVG files with grandma and grandpa is a cute way to announce a pregnancy
  • Announce your bun in the oven with this adorable baby keepsake that comes in the cutest custom box.
  • A pregnancy announcement cake is a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your close friends and family.
  • Cute pregnancy photoshoot
  • A custom mug can be a cute gift that will be black when cold and when hot it will have an ultrasound pic with the name and due date.

You may also organize pregnancy announcement photo sessions with your close people. It will be the beginning of memory for your baby.

Choose a location for pregnancy announcement to the family

Depending on how close you are, some people prefer to tell the family in person while others would rather call or send a text or even on social media. Be sure to think about how you want to approach this and then decide how it will work best for everyone involved!

Pick something easy enough for your partner as well which may be helpful if they’re not showing any signs of excitement yet (just out of caution).

Doing all these things can help make pregnancy announcements less stressful overall because both partners have been given ample time to prepare how they feel and what their expectations are when telling family members.

Prepare what you want to say in advance

It also helps to think about how you want a conversation with your in-laws will go because it might be difficult and awkward at first!

Decide how often you would like updates from the family member when sharing life after pregnancy. Some people prefer daily while others are happy once per week or even less post-baby announcement. It’s all up to how much they’re comfortable giving out so that both parties feel good about how often this will happen.

Acknowledge any reservations your partner has before moving forward without them if necessary.

If there is any hesitancy on their part, then do not push through but instead work on making sure everyone feels comfortable with how things will proceed next.

Work together as a team

Write down your thoughts on paper or type them up

write down

Write down your thoughts on paper or type them up on a computer so that you can show your partner how this will all work and how they’ll feel when it’s over.

The most important thing is to make sure everyone feels good with how the conversation goes by considering their feelings as well! It would be unfair to only think about how things are going for one person in a two-person relationship.

One other option is to try video conferencing on Skype or Facebook messenger which might help alleviate some of the anxiety because there will be less direct eye contact if someone doesn’t like talking face-to-face.

Rehearse with someone who will give you feedback before telling the family 

If you’re nervous about how your family will respond, ask a close friend or trusted relative to help. Rehearse the conversation with them so that it’s less awkward! This step can also work for in-laws if they are difficult to talk to.

One last thing is to try not to get discouraged by how someone reacts because as time goes on, people might change their minds and want more updates than before which would be wonderful news!

If there isn’t any hesitancy from both partners then go ahead and tell the rest of the family when they feel comfortable doing so based on what we’ve just discussed. There may be some initial difficulty but hopefully, this article helped prepare everyone involved beforehand!

This should do it all

Make sure everyone is there at once, not spread out over time

It can be difficult to know how family members will react and how much information they want. For this reason, it’s best to have everyone there at the same time so that you all share in each other’s reactions. That way nobody is left out or feels like their needs are unmet!

Be open about how often your partner wants updates from the parent after pregnancy.

If updating aunts, uncles, grandparents on life with a baby seems overwhelming (even if just once per week), then make sure your partner knows what their expectations are going into these conversations. Otherwise, they might feel overwhelmed themselves which would defeat the entire purpose of telling them in the first place!

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

Make a pregnancy announcement video

pregnancy announcement video

This can be a great way to tell your family how happy you are. One of the best ways is by making an announcement video such as this:

Make Your Own Video – WOW!

If you don’t have time to make one, there are always live-streaming apps like Periscope or Livestream that allow users to stream something they’re doing in real-time and share it with their friends on social media platforms. So if you want people around the world to know about your pregnancy then just broadcast it out for everyone else to see! You might also mention how excited you are at how big the bump has gotten after so many weeks and what plans will happen when the baby arrives; talk about how much love you feel from being pregnant.

Send out personalized cards to family members and friends

Personalized Card

If you’re feeling crafty, homemade cards are a great way to announce how happy you and your partner are about the pregnancy. It’s also easy if you have access to an office or home printer- just find any template online that has either “We’re pregnant!” as the title or a similar phrase on it.

Make sure to include how many weeks along in the pregnancy process so people can be able to stay updated with how far along they’ve gotten!

Send out an email with photos from when you found out to family 


Send out an email with photos from when you found out to family and friends.

Be sure to include how many weeks you are along, what’s happening in the photo and how amazing it feels.

When announcing pregnancy to the family with photos:

– Be honest about how far along you are (expect people will ask)

– Include a few pictures that show your emotions as well as how happy they should be for you! Photos of when you found out would be great too! 

Send out an email announcement or social media post on Facebook/Twitter like this: “Hey everyone, we’re so excited to share with all our loved ones how much love there is in this world thanks to us!” This can also work if someone receives negative feedback from telling their parents.

Make a photo album for your parents 

baby footprint

It’s often how siblings and grandparents feel when they’re told about the new baby on the way. After hearing such good news, most people would want to know how many weeks pregnant you are so that they can be updated with how far along their niece or nephew is.

This photo album idea works well because it shows how much thought was put into making this announcement- without having to worry if your parents will be able to open a PDF file of photos in an email!

baby shoes

Include pictures from ultrasounds as well (if possible) for those who may not have seen one before and don’t understand what everything means; plus then family members might get excited about being there through all nine months until birth!

Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

Tell them by writing on their Facebook wall

facebook wall

It can be a great way to surprise someone with how excited you are about the pregnancy! Make sure they’re on Facebook and that their profile is public (if it’s not already) so that people will see your post this also means they’ll have to accept you as an ‘add friend’. Then, find them in the list of friends and write “Hooray!” or something similar.

Tell them by writing on their bathroom mirror

This is another one of those fun ways to announce how happy you are: all you need is either some soap, watercolors, markers, or even glitter if there’s any lying around from previous holidays; then just add these words onto your parents’ home bathroom mirror.

Announce it at the dinner table with family and friends present

dinner table

This is a great way to announce how excited you are about the pregnancy because everyone will be there and can share in your happiness.

Announce it through handwritten cards at their workplace

If you’re feeling crafty, this might be the perfect opportunity for handcrafted gifts! Write out how happy you are on handmade greeting cards that also include how many weeks pregnant they’ll soon have. Then send these lovely creations to them at work- surprising people with special messages like this always feels rewarding!

Telling parents: some may appreciate getting news of their grandchild while others may not; prepare yourself accordingly

Buy a new outfit to show off your baby bump

baby bump

This one is a given: you’re telling everyone how excited you are about the pregnancy so how can your outfit not reflect that?

Plan how to tell parents and grandparents in advance how many weeks pregnant they’ll be when they do find out. This way, if there’s any negative feedback, someone will know how to defend themselves from it before anything else happens.

Prepare yourself for what may come with announcing pregnancy by informing those who need to be aware ahead of time or also have some sort of plan ready just in case things don’t go as planned; this goes double for after birth!

Create a list of well-wishes from friends and family to read on camera 

This is a great idea for those who are looking to have something more personal. All that’s needed is making an index card with the well-wishes from friends and family members on it; then just read them aloud in front of your camera so they can be saved forever!

Create a video slideshow of how you found out about the pregnancy.

Another interesting way to share how excited you are about this new addition, create a time-lapse video or even upload photos into slideshows depending on what software you use.

Give people their own individual ‘new baby’ gift basket as congratulations gifts

A fun activity for couples: buy some personalized stationery sets and fill each one with notecards, pencils, candies.

Make a photo album of your first trimester to send to family and friends

pregnancy announcement video

This is a great option for those who are looking to do something more personal. Just take photos or screenshots of how you’re feeling each day during the first trimester and then create a photo album with these pictures; send it out as an attachment on email- this will also ensure that people can’t accidentally forget about how excited they should be!

Take photos at different stages in pregnancy, so family members know how big the baby gets over time.

Get creative by coming up with interesting poses when taking maternity shots or let someone else do all the work (by hiring them) if needed. This will help future grandparents see how their grandchild grows and changes year after year until birth happens!

Create videos throughout your entire pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Question

Am I the first one who has told you?

Answer: Nobody is “the first” person to tell someone about pregnancy.

Every week, an estimated 19,000 babies are conceived- and the majority of people will get pregnant at least once in their lifetime. On average we tell 14 people each year that they’re going to be a parent. It’s something almost everyone eventually hears about firsthand or from someone else- so you’re most likely not alone! The thing is, nobody really knows who was the first one to hear about it – and it’s because some of the parents were too young to understand what was happening when they found out they were expecting.

So are we pregnant? 

Answer: Congratulations! 

If you are “you” going through “this” process, congratulations on detecting the pregnancy test! If you’re not pregnant but just want to know how to calculate gestational age, there’s a great article on Common Calculations of Gestational Age. Have a positive day!

Why didn’t you tell me sooner? 

Answer: Pregnancy tests are accurate in telling whether or not you’re pregnant up to 3 days after intercourse. If you wait longer than this, it may not show up on the test. It takes 4-6 weeks from when an egg is fertilized before a pregnancy can be detected with a urine pregnancy test (like at the doctor’s office), but it takes 18-36 hours for HCG to get high enough for a home test kit to detect it.

If you feel sick or think your period may have been late, give a small amount of blood and if needed go through a pelvic exam though some providers will do that without needing a little blood first.

Is it a boy or girl? 

Answer: The answer is simple; it could be either.

If a person wants to know the sex of their child, they can find out with an ultrasound during the pregnancy. This allows them to prepare for how much it will cost in supplies and clothes-something that is impossible without knowing beforehand. From the moment someone finds out they’re going to have a baby, they’ll want to know what color sheets they’ll need for their nursery, what styles of clothes might suit their baby girl or boy most likely, and so on (and so forth).

It’s perfectly normal for parents-to-be to want this kind of information as early as possible; unfortunately, not everyone has access to or knowledge about ultrasounds during pregnancy.

What are the cute ways to announce pregnancy?

Answer: Some common cute way announcements include designing and making a baby shoe or footprint in cookies, or announcing the pregnancy by sticking positive pregnancy tests in their significant other’s cereal bowls. There are also custom announcements that can be purchased online, whether it’s cupcakes with light-up candles, an ultrasound printout inside a plain white envelope after ordering it online, or many other examples. Whatever plan someone comes up with to announce their expected arrival will hopefully make for some exciting news!

Bottom line

There are many ways to announce your pregnancy, but it is important that you choose a method that reflects your personality and sense of humor. Read on for some helpful tips about how to tell the world what you’re expecting.