9 People Who Healed Their Anxiety With Nature

We don’t get near enough nature time in the civilized world we live in. Sure, modern society offers plenty of benefits, such as running water and electricity, but removing ourselves from our natural environment has brought on some devastating effects as well. For example, mental illnesses are increasing rapidly, our soil is being depleted of vital nutrients, and we aren’t getting enough sunshine. It’s no wonder why so many people are craving more time in the great outdoors! (See vanlife on Instagram)
Plus, being in nature has proven health benefits. One study found that “earthing” or getting the body back in touch with nature, can improve sleep. Another study found that walking barefoot in nature can induce a positive immune response by lowering white blood cell count and increasing red blood cells. Finally, getting to the point of the article, spending time outside can help improve mental health and reduce stress.
With that said, we want to show you a few people who healed their anxiety by spending time in the great outdoors.

10 People Who Healed Their Anxiety with Nature

1. ” The oxygen is so pure, it has instant relaxing effects and can give a much-needed break from life stress and depression.”

2. This psychologist knows the importance of nature for healing anxiety.

3. We think this guy has it down pretty well! There’s nothing like meditating in a beautiful spot in nature.

4. As an empath, Carolyn knows that nature is very important for her well-being.

“If you feel your spirit or your head running high above in a frenzy, find a tree, place a hand on it and bring yourself back to earth.”

5. There’s nothing like getting back to nature to heal your anxiety.

“Going out in nature feels like a sanctuary for the soul. Bare feet is even better but even surrounded by wild flowers & trees is enough to hear the little voice of Gaia & my deeper inner self.”

6. Yosemite National Park is a beautiful place to heal anxiety with nature!

7. Nature and yoga is the best medicine.

8. When was the last time you took a walk in nature?

“Mother Nature is there for us to heal, to help us come home to our bodies, to connect deeply with Her and with our heart.”

9. “Our bodies are built to live among nature. And that’s where our old friends the trees can help.”

Do you find healing for anxiety with nature? Let us know in the comments!