A unique Funny Thing About Love clip featuring Jon Heder

ComingSoon debuts an exclusive excerpt from the romance comedy Fun stuff about love, included Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder. The film is now available in theaters and can be rented and owned on North American digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms through Gravitas Ventures.

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“Samantha Banks is at the top of the world, a thriving company and a handsome groom,” reads the official summary. “But during one crazy day of thanksgiving with his intriguing family, his whole world gets into a whirlwind when they call on his ex-boyfriend, ‘the one who escaped.’

See exclusive Fun stuff about love clip below:

The film, written and directed by Adam White, is also seen in Summer Bell (Amber Alert), Barry Corbin (Ranch), Pat Finn (Medium), Jason Gray (Studio C) and Brooke White (American Idol).

“We really feel that what the world, and America in particular, needs to feel good this Christmas, a witty rom-com and Gravitas Ventures is the perfect partner so we can get the film to as many people as possible,” White said.

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Fun stuff about love has been produced by Adam Montierth and Donovan Montierth.