All in all, find out how to increase your sex drive

Know how to identify the factors that contribute to decreased libido.

One of the topics of discussion in love relationships is sexual desire. It is common for a couple to have ups and downs in a couple’s sex life during a relationship. One of the partners is not always on top of their will, and while this is not really a problem, a recurrence of the event may lead to a need for research.

It is essential to know the basic aspects of this universe to better understand what is happening, such as libido. The term can vary between people, but from a scientific point of view, libido is usually used to refer to someone’s general sexual desire or the extent to which they have an interest and desire for sex.

Given its function, the level of libido determines its will. Thus, when it is low, it means little or no desire, while high represents strong and recurring interest. However, sexual appetite cannot be standardized, and “normal” depends on everyone. “Relationships once a week can be normal for others and every day for others” points out the doctor.

Loss of libido

Some factors are responsible for the loss of desire and directly interfere with the patient’s sexual life. According to the expert, the most common are:

Use of contraception

By reducing the production of testosterone – a hormone associated with libido stimulation – some women may have a reduced desire to take the pill.

Menstrual cycle

Some cycles of the cycle favor desire, such as increased libido in fertility. However, it is common for other stages, especially during menstruation, to show less interest – although it is good to have intercourse these days, as long as a condom is always used.

Gynecological diseases

Some physical and emotional conditions can cause pain during intercourse, such as vaginitis.

Depression and stress

Psychopathology is one of the main causes of decreased libido because some of the symptoms are stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. In addition, most medications used in treatment reduce sexual desire.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

This disease often causes reluctance without other factors. Diagnosis is difficult and is usually associated with mental health problems.

How to increase sexual desire?


The gynecologist warns that a doctor should be consulted when low libido begins to affect various aspects of life. Therefore, an investigation will be initiated into the cause of this reduction and the most appropriate treatment will be initiated for each case. Never give self-care.

However, some practices can help in this quest to increase willingness to have sex. A woman can do many things alone, including mindfulness techniques or meditation to reduce stress, by adding new novelties to her sex life, such as using sex toys, because novelty can help trigger arousal.

In addition, maintaining self-awareness and quality of life habits can also be a way to solve this problem. One of the recommendations for obstetricians is masturbation, treatment for pain caused by seizures, muscle training, and the release of hormones that promote well-being.

When it comes to lifestyle, it is important for him to have a good night’s sleep and sleep 7-8 hours. exposed to the sun for 20 minutes daily; invest in a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet, given that some foods can get us in the “mood”, such as chocolate, pepper, oysters and pomegranates; and Practice regularly.

Last but not least, the doctor’s golden tip is to set aside time exclusively for sex, whether done with individual exercises or with a partner. The most important thing is to stay aware of the moment and enjoy.