Battlefield 2042 allows players to “fix” penguins

In the midst of the many bugs in Battlefield 2042, one player notices one small bug that allows penguins to be fixed in the same way as vehicles.

EA and DICE Battlefield 2042 there may have been a rocky trigger, but sometimes a broken feature is worth laughing instead of getting angry about. This case certainly concerns a strange flaw in the game’s in-vehicle system that allows the repair tool to work in a way it really shouldn’t.

Battlefield 2042, latest entry Battlefield a series of competitive first-person shooter games, taking drastic steps away from previous releases in the series. Most feel that its release was also earlier than it should have been, leading to a large number of errors and mistakes.


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One error perceived by dunaike seems to be strange in how the game treats environmental creatures; it turns out that the game repair tool works on penguins in snowy map areas. Normally the tool is used kindly Battlefield 2042 vehicles that help them stay in the ground longer, so working with the surrounding creature is a surprising development. A video clip of the bug in action shows that sparks even fly away from the penguin as if it were made of metal.

Some players believe that penguins can reuse the code Battlefield 2042vehicles, as they are not technically part of the map itself but of animated entities; maybe there is a flag that makes the vehicles repairable and was not removed because of the penguins. In any case, the feature certainly doesn’t harm the game competitively unlike other problems, and it can be interpreted as a harmless secret. Detecting this problem also leaves open the question of what else can be fixed in the environment, and curious players may need to find out quickly before this error is corrected.

Should the penguins being repaired be replaced, there is some kind of benign question; it is obviously negligent, but the inclusion of such a feature is certainly not detrimental to gaming, just like Battlefield 2042n equally harmless explosive tables. Unless players find a way to arm the penguins, the problem is still one of the smaller problems Battlefield 2042 and hopefully will remain so.

Battlefield 2042 is a disappointing return to the series for many players, and the negative review scores clearly reflect its problems. If the game were better overall, these little problems would be forgivable, but for now, they show a bigger, unpolished game from which they come. Even the funniest things don’t save Battlefield 2042 about what it is, and only significant Battlefield 2042 upgrades with many fixes and changes bring the game up to the standard set by previous serial entries.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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