12 People Explain How They Beat Depression

Depression afflicts millions of people worldwide.

It can occur for many different reasons: nutritional deficiencies, genetics, environment, lack of adequate hydration or exercise, and other factors.

Of course, for some people, medication is necessary to beat depression and we are not saying to get off your

medicines or avoid going to a doctor if you really need help.

However, emerging evidence shows that lifestyle changes can greatly improve symptoms of depression.

12 People Explain How they Beat Depression (Without Prescriptions)

1. Keep fighting and turn to a higher power for help.

2. Only look within yourself for answers to overcome depression.

3. Don’t forget the importance of supplements and proper nutrition to balance your moods.

4. Write down what you’re feeling and question your thoughts.

“I have taught myself how to figure out if what I’m feeling is real or another trick my brain is making me feel.

It’s not easy dealing with something you don’t quite understand. But we can choose not to let it control us. Sometimes it helps to write things down.”

5. Join together in your community and spread awareness about mental health.

6. Let go of the past, because it cannot be changed. Instead, focus on making the future better.

7. Always be yourself, not the person the world expects you to be.

8. Take it one day at a time and don’t let the bad days turn into bad weeks or months.

9. Do things before you’re ready. If you don’t feel motivated, dig deep to find your purpose and take small steps each day.

10. Look after your mental and physical health. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

11. Be mindful of water intake, blood sugar levels, time with friends, sleep, and exercise.

12. Do some yoga!