Dad Living ‘Worst Nightmare’ After Son’s Body Was Lost in Mail 3 Years Ago

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In 2019, after Jeffrey Merriweather’s 32-year-old son’s body was discovered partially decomposed after a suspected shooting, his remains were shipped to a specialized facility to determine a cause of death. But the body was lost in the mail and never recovered. 

Now, Merriweather Sr., of Fulton County, Georgia, and his family are looking to hold whoever is responsible for the disappearance accountable. 

“I have his two kids too, and there’s no closure for us,” Merriweather said to PEOPLE. “I just don’t understand how certain laws protect people from things like this.”

A FedEx spokesperson told PEOPLE “Our thoughts and concerns remain with the family of Mr. Merriweather, however, we request that further questions be directed to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office.”

According to a report from WSB-TV, a FedEx spokesperson once claimed that the shipment ‘arrived at the mail carrier’s Austell location but couldn’t be traced further.’

Merriweather Sr. says he has not heard from FedEx or the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office since, however, the Office reportedly told Fox 5 Atlanta it was reaching out to its investigative team to look into the problem.

“This is a lot of negligence on the part of FedEx, who had the remains at their location, and then all of a sudden, lose it?” Merriweather Sr. said. “How do you do that with remains? This is like the worst nightmare a person can go through.”

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