Enjoy this supercut of Emma Thompson dancing to Adele

Photo: Neil Mockford / FilmMagic

An audience with Adele really leaned into the celeb aspect of it all. Adele One Night Only featured an in-depth Oprah interview, while An audience with Adele got the singer to make a town hall with all known interlocutors. Samuel L. Jackson asked Adele if she had ever used her fame to get out of a ticket. Emma Thompson helped introduce Adele’s beloved English teacher. Alan Carr took over the singing duties briefly. It was famous balls to the wall in the London Palladium where Emma Thompson really served. Like Oprah in Los Angeles, Thompson was the tear-jerking questioner. And Like Oprah in Los Angeles, she was going to boogie down.

Must watch host Scott Bryan made a supercut of every time Emma Thompson released her moves to the British audience. It was arm-intensive koreogrpahy. We got the “If I Were a Rich Man” snaps, some jazz hands, some spinning finger and phenomenal fist. Move over Hilary Duff, who is a new queen of soft choreo, and she won the 1996 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.