Feeney fastest in a collision-filled Super2 qualifier

Aaron Seton. Photo: Fox Sports

Broc Feeney has been the fastest in the collision-filled race 2 qualifier in the fifth round of the Dunlop Super2 Series at Mount Panorama.

Strictly speaking, 25 drivers drove the lap time, but only seven of them were representative because of the two red flags.

Assuming these results are the starting order for Saturday afternoon’s 16-infant, alongside the series leader and his # 888 Triple Eight Race Engineering VF Commodore in line 1 is Image Racing’s Jordan Boys (# 49 VF Commodore).

Eggleston Motorsport’s Matt McLean (# 54 VF Commodore) would line up inside line 2 alongside Jaylyn Robotham (# 999 VF Commodore) in the second picture.

Candidate Zak Best (# 78 Tickford Racing FGX Falcon) was sixth fastest in race 2 qualifiers, but Jayden Ojeda (# 31 Nissan Altima) was only 20. He was fastest for the second sector when the second red flag was called.

Unfortunately, the MW Motorsport driver was not given the opportunity to complete the lap properly because the training was announced due to the correction of obstacles.

This made a mixed order with Super3 rival Garry Collins (No. 96 Collins VE Commodore), not only number one in the class but also officially eighth, albeit at lap time of 8: 57.1347s.

The collision got a red flag within two minutes after Tyler Everingham and Matt Payne apparently collided out of the round.

The field continued to warm its tires as Everingham stopped on the side of Mountain Straight and his # 27 Nissan Altima sports damage in his left rear corner.

Although the cameras did not record the incident, MW Motorsport boss Matthew White claimed the competitor had drifted into Everingham, and Grove Racing’s Payne was later revealed as a second party.

Tyler Everingham’s broken No. 27 Nissan Altima

White said, “Tyler is perfectly fine. He was just trying to get moving, and the car drifted inside him as he accelerated straight up; a tough weekend for us.

“It doesn’t look like he’s going back out of this session,” he added.

“The back hangs, so it becomes arms, it can also be an axle.”

Payne (No. 10 Nissan Altima) said: “I really don’t know [what happened].

“I was just weaving down straight, warming up the tires and then checking my mirror before I went over the hill.

“I thought those guys were behind me, and then I made one stop just to warm up the brakes, and then I started weaving again, and next I know I’ve been hit.

“I don’t really know what happened, but we’re moving on. The car feels good, so I guess it’s just a bit of a crazy incident.

During the stand, it was reported that the matter was progressing to a post-competition investigation.

Shortly before the drivers were released from the depot lane again, another red flag came.

It seemed to be triggered when Super2 rival Jon McCorkindale (Mac Motorsport) spun the # 69 VF Commodore, which came out of The Dipper and hit the left front corner of the concrete wall as it rotated.

People like Nash Morris (# 67 Flash Bush Motorsport FG Falcon) only managed to squeeze past the broken green Holden, but further down the track Matt Stone Racing’s Aaron Seton smashed the wall as he left The Chase a moment later.

Jon McCorkindale sits in the direction of rotation at the exit of The Dipper. Photo: Fox Sports

Repetitions suggest the reds were just about to open as Seton crossed the curb and spun under the bridge, causing a heavy blow to the # 30 VF Commodore in front.

Dad and MSR crew member Glenn Seton report, “Yeah, he’s fine.

“When he comes from The Chase, he has a bike in the dirt and it has just turned him towards the fence.

“Just a mistake; it’s disappointing, but we’ll be back.”

The session was resumed initially at 15.40 local time, 30 minutes after it began, but the restart never came.

Triple Eight’s Angelo Mouzouris didn’t attend the session after falling in the # 6 VF Commodore race 1 qualifier this morning, but she is believed to have a good chance to compete in the first race of the weekend tomorrow.

That 16-year-old rider is scheduled to start tomorrow at 3:30 p.m., local time / AEDT, and Feeney will start from Napa.

Broc Feeney

Results: Qualification 2

Poswith oneTeam / sponsorDriverCarClsFastest lapShare
1888Triple Eight Race EngineeringBroc FeeneyHolden Commodore VFS22: 07.2491
249Joss Group / Image RacingJordan’s boysHolden Commodore VFS22: 07.34900: 00.0999
354Eggleston MotorsportMatthew McLeanHolden Commodore VFS22: 07.38570: 00.1366
4999Rare spare parts / Image RacingJaylyn RobothamHolden Commodore VFS22: 07.71120: 00.4621
518Falcon spare parts and repairsMatthew ChahdaFord Falcon FG / XS22: 08.01810: 00.7690
678The best leisure areasZak parasFord Falcon FG / XS22: 08.17160: 00.9225
788Eggleston MotorsportTim BlanchardHolden Commodore VFS22: 08.70980: 01.4607
896Collins RacingGary CollinsHolden Commodore VE2SC38: 57.13476: 49.8856
97Mocomm Motorsport CommsJim PollicinaHolden Commodore VESC39: 05.95036: 58.7012
1024Northwest RecyclingDavid MurphyFord Falcon FGSC39: 13.02167: 05.7725
1125Weldcraft MotorsportPaul BoschertHolden Commodore VESC39: 13.24847: 05.9993
1277Mr. HDT racing carsBlake FardellHolden Commodore VECH9: 14.55967: 07.3105
1317Resurrection Panel N PaintJason FoleyFord Falcon BFSC39: 16.22217: 08.9730
14219Masterton MotorsportJames MastertonHolden Commodore VESC39: 24.30767: 17.0585
155Anderson MotorsportMichael AndersonFord Falcon FGSC39: 28.14677: 20.8976
1630Sherr rentsAaron SetonHolden Commodore VFS29: 37.01187: 29.7627
1767Flash Bush MotorsportNash MorrisFord Falcon FGCH9: 37.35607: 30.1069
188Brad Jones RacingElly MorrowHolden Commodore VE2SC39: 40.59127: 33.3421
192Bros Jayco pageSteven PageHolden Commodore VE2SC39: 41.80797: 34.5588
2031Jayco / MWMJayden OjedaNissan altimaS29: 43.25177: 36.0026
2161Image RacingReef McCarthyFord Falcon FGCH9: 44.84057: 37.5914
2238Eggleston MotorsportJosh FifeHolden Commodore VFS29: 45.82287: 38.5737
2311Brema Group RacingZane MorseHolden Commodore VFS29: 47.95167: 40.7025
2410Grove MotorsportMatthew PayneNissan altimaS29: 48.61257: 41.3634
2569Call before diggingJon McCorkindaleHolden Commodore VFS2*: **. ****8: 10.9045
27Blue Ribbon Legal / MWMTyler EveringhamNissan altimaS2