Five to Ten Tips For Longevity in BJJ 

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is basically the combat sport, in a martial arts world that translates to the ability for full training up to a certain age mainly somewhere between 30 and 40s. I have seen many students coming to academies and after a certain time, they just quit. But from my point of view, it’s the responsibility of the coach/instructor to be able to push the students beyond their own limits. If your coach is investing his time and energy in you, then be sure that you are doing a great job. Being in the state of learning also means that you still have a lot more to learn. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an outstanding combat sport and if you do it consistently, mark my words that it would surely change your life completely. 

Most of the time Bjj’s longevity is neglected and most of the younger athletes are more emphasized. But it’s also important to have a look at the professional and experienced black belts who are still out there to compete. 

BJJ is a martial art that is beneficial for your overall health also so if you are planning to indulge yourself in BJJ I would suggest you get appropriate gym attire first. Elite sports gym outfits are designed in a way that they offer you comfort throughout training and fighting sessions. 

So getting back to the topic, In this blog, I will give you some tips for longevity in BJJ.

Nurture your body 

The first and foremost thing is that you should nourish your body. Some students get into the class without their water bottles. I feel astonished at how they manage to work out without keeping their body hydrated. So keep in mind that in whatever age group you are, you always need to hydrate yourself before and after training. Also, make a plan for your breakfast if you have to train in the morning. Some people don’t have sufficient sleep, and they also skip their breakfast which can ultimately affect their performance a lot. So, I would suggest not performing any type of workout on an empty stomach. If you want a simple breakfast you can take boiled eggs or some fruits. 

Focus on techniques and skills

This is the advice for those athletes who are getting older. Must try to put your focus on techniques because whatever your age will be, your skilled techniques will be there with you forever, they won’t vanish. Other than that, the technique is the dominant factor too when it comes to figuring out any outcome of any BJJ match. So, in short, I would say that techniques beat athleticism/strength when you know about the techniques which other guys don’t. Just be focused on the fact that you are training for your goals, And you must be clear about your aims too. 

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Be a good learner

Remember that your instructors and coaches have spent a lot of time learning and practicing BJJ. So it’s just impossible to get the whole knowledge of this art within a few months. The best student knows the fact that his/her opportunity to learn various other skills is always there. As life is the process of continuous learning, and everything In life is an experience as well. So, if your coaches and instructor have a lot of knowledge of your interests, you must always listen to them. Other than that, I would say, must attend various cinemas, attend classes, and watch various videos for the opportunities of learning more and more. Just have fun and keep learning.

Protect yourself

Sometimes you get injured during combat but you just ignore this thing because you are too busy to win the game. But I would say it’s really important for you to figure out how you get injured, and soon after injury, it’s essential to get tapped in order to protect yourself. Imagine yourself injured, would you be able to train in the future? No

So it’s really important for you to protect yourself first. Try to figure out the factor which caused the injury, and try to avoid them in the future, and don’t be afraid to tap yourself. 

Choosing a training partner wisely. 

If you feel uncomfortable rolling with someone on the mat or you may feel that they can put you in danger by making you injured or something of that sort, I would suggest you just choose another partner. Your aim should be to get trained for a longer time period and selecting the dangerous rolls is not the appropriate approach. Also, be smart enough to listen to your body and must also select your roles smartly.

Correct the imbalances. 

In jiu-jitsu, you can also go for training such as strength training and stretching in order to keep your body strong and healthy. You can also correct your imbalances in jiu-jitsu if you are facing any of them because the imbalances often lead to serious injuries. One of the best ways to fix these muscular imbalances is to practice strength training exercises as it also helps to protect your joints and ligaments too from injury. Keep in mind that recovery is also important after your training session. You can also go for a massage therapy as well if you like. 

Accept injury recovery time.

The most difficult thing in the BJJ is to trust the recovery time period. The brutal thing about injuries is that they will become worse when you start getting older. So my point of concern over here is that you should give some care to your body. Let your injuries heal and give your body some recovery time. Along with that, spend some time away from BJJ, go somewhere else for a few days, and do something else for some time. 

I hope this blog helped, in making you understand how you can spend a lifetime doing jiu-jitsu. Stay motivated, good luck!