Fletcher Cox has receipts, he closes CJ Mosley’s claims

New York Jets lineman CJ Mosley claimed the Philadelphia Eagles showed disrespect to them on Sunday. Fletcher Cox has receipts.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the New York Jets 33-18 thanks to strong performance by quarterback Gardner Minshew. There was drama after the game.

Jets lineup CJ Mosley said in a news conference that the teams are not showing respect for them, including the Eagles. Mosley claimed the Eagles didn’t shake hands before the game during the coin toss and that defensive lineman Fletcher Cox laughed at head coach Robert Saleh as he “fought for the payout”.

Cox picked up the receipts when he published a picture of himself and Mosley hugging during the coin toss, and the text “respect the game … one thing Fletch always does.”

Fletcher Cox is seeking receipts for CJ Mosley’s claims

Oh drama!

As you can see from Cox’s post, he posted a picture and turned to Philadelphia for a “big team win” on Sunday before their swing week.

The Eagles attack succeeded against the Jets’ defense on Sunday afternoon. Philadelphia scored 418 yards in attack, 233 in innings and 185 in runs. Jets attack. on the other hand, could not do much against the Eagles. Although New York raised 18 points to the table, they were only able to collect 281 yards from the total number of attacks during the day.

Cox recorded four tackles during the day, while Mosley made 13 tackles, which is tied to a season record.

The Eagles are saying goodbye to the week, but the Jets have a chance to raise their fourth win of the season against New Orleans Saints, who are currently in the losing streak for five matches.