How To Lower Your Risk Of Pain And Injuries With These 10 Stretches

Simple stretches and exercises have a huge impact on overall health and lower the risk of serious injuries

Regular workouts make your body strong and help you move around with ease. But, before you do your regular workout, you should stretch. Stretches are important for you and the outcome of your exercises. Proper stretching boosts your blood flow and improves the motion in your joints.

Most people skip this part and go straight to the core of the workout plan. That’s the perfect recipe for an injury, remember?

If you don’t know how to stretch, read this article and choose the best stretches for your body. We give you 10 brilliant stretches.

Top 10 stretches for great body posture and painless experience

1. Wide forward fold

It targets the adductor muscles and opens your hips. By doing this stretch, you work on your adductors and hamstring.

2. Camel pose

Are you flexible enough? Yes? This stretch is perfect for you! It targets external obliques and rectus abdominis. Be careful, you don’t want to put too much pressure on your lumbar spine.

3. Butterfly stretch

It supports your adductors. Sit on your yoga mat and bring your soles together. Bring your upper body close to the feet for a deep stretch in your groin area.

4. Neck rotation

Rotate your neck while keeping your chin up. Rotate in both directions.

5. Lateral shoulder stretch

It targets the side deltoid. Put your right arm across your body and apply slight pressure with your other arm. Feel the stretch? Switch arms.

6. Child’s pose

An excellent stretch for your latissimus dorsi muscle. Put your hands and knees on the mat and bring your hips back slowly. Press your forehead against the floor. Gently. Rotate your shoulders for an extra stretch.

7. Deep squat

It’s the ultimate stretch for your glutes. Stand straight and keep your feet apart. Do a deep squat and bring your arms inside the legs. Feel the pressure on the inside of your knees.

8. Seated half pigeon

It’s another great glutes stretch. Sit on your yoga mat and bring your legs to the chest. Keep your spine straight.

9. Wall stretch

It’s great for your pectoral muscles. To do this stretch, go next to a wall and keep your thumbs up. Slowly rotate away from the wall. Can you feel the stretch?

10. Standing calf stretch

Do it on a rack or on the edge of your stair steep. Rotate your ankles in both directions. This stretch will do wonders for your calf muscles.

You’d all agree that stretching is not the most exciting part of the workout. However, flexibility is really important for each and every well-rounded fitness routine. It sets up a good base for your strength and cardio work. Add some stretches to your workout routine to boost your flexibility and reduce any tightness. Enjoy a safe and efficient workout.