Mom Who Thought She Had Stomach Bug Unexpectedly Gives Birth in Hotel Room

When Vicky Venise from Louisiana was feeling under the weather while on a business trip to Georgia on Friday, she thought she had come down with the same stomach bug as her four-year-old daughter. 

Venise, who was expecting her second child on May 15th, was using the bathroom at her hotel when she got the shock of a lifetime. She wasn’t sick at all; she had been in labor and just welcomed her 4-pound son at 37 weeks.

“I turned around, and it was the baby,” she recalled in an interview with FOX station WAGA-TV.

Venise is a single mom, and during her pregnancy, she initially considered putting her baby up for adoption. Then her son, who she named Rocky Andrew, was born.

“I’m so in love with him,” she says. “It’s been a crazy experience.” 

She explained her newfound perspective in an interview with WXIA-TV: “If I could literally bring you into the world by myself, I think I could take care of you.”

On Rocky’s birth certificate, Venise is listed as the doctor, and his place of birth will say “Extended Stay America,” the hotel at which he was born. Currently, Venise and Rocky are still staying at the hotel while she looks for a place to rent in Georgia.

“They are letting me out of my apartment lease in Louisiana so that’s a plus,” she explains. “I’m not in any condition to go there alone with a newborn who’s only 4 lbs.” 

Venise, who works from home, expressed gratitude for having time to recoup from the life-changing experience. 

“I’m just happy I work with clients who were understanding and let me take a few days to myself,” she says.

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