My crazy rush to catch up in time with the Endwalker plug-in for Final Fantasy XIV

Endwalker is coming and I’m not ready for it. I came Final Fantasy XIV just this year, tearing through hard The Kingdom of Reborn and Towards the sky before you end the game somewhere in the middle Stormy, which is generally considered inferior to other FFXIV extensions.

Then the news of the new expansion hit, which made me want to start my journey again, hopefully ending in time Endwalkerlaunch. I had no illusions about my ability to get through a content and a half of content before December 8th, but I could try, and trying it meant survival. Stormy first. So I suggested an experiment: Final Fantasy XIV goes into service at 4:00 AM EST to prepare for a new patch and open Endwalker early access to the lucky chosen ones. If I could stop Stormy before the servers crash, i would be well placed to get close to the end Shadow Importers timely start Endwalker, if not on the release date, then the same week. Can i do it

Not knowing where I was Stormy I said yes.

I appreciate one thing Final Fantasy XIV that it respects your time. If you want to play multiple series in other MMOs – e.g. World of Warcraft – You have to level different characters for each class, which forces you to repeat the content often. Final FantasyThe workplace system allows you to smooth as many categories as you want for the same character seamlessly. I can bounce between my weapon breaker tank and an astrological healer while progressing through the main story task relatively easily. I even developed a method to keep these two classes close to the level. I would get two levels of my gun breaker, then change my astrology and catch up, flush and repeat. It is not a perfect system. Sometimes I got too far in the main story position in one class so that when I switched to another class, I didn’t meet the level requirement to continue, which forced me to pause to progress and grind a little to make up for it. lost XP.

Now you could think insanely to quit Stormy Before the server maintains me out of the game, I would give up this weird leveling dance to pick one class and get through. You would be wrong.

I, like Thanos, are a balanced being. If the levels in my class fall too far out of pace, there is a greater chance that one class will be left to toil out insignificant side assignments to catch up. I hate grinding with passion. There’s a reason I’ve only created one character in a decade World of Warcraft. I enjoyed both classes too much to leave after another because I stubbornly refused to grind, and that rule got stuck even though time was of the essence.

My weapon breaker, cute as a button.

By midnight, I had about 700,000 XP to level my class levels and unlock the next main story task. I decided to jump across the map by completing fates that are scheduled tasks with big XP rewards that anyone can take part in. I was alone finishing my destiny when the player joined me. I didn’t catch their name, but when we ended our fate, they performed a kiss in praise. I went to the next destiny, and there they were again, and again after that. I loved it. Our intentions were temporarily in line (they probably needed a quick grind, like me), and we had this very human connection and cooperation, even though we never talked to each other, we only communicated in hours. A bond was made for a moment – and as soon as it came, it was over.

Most of my MMO gaming life has been dedicated to dealing damage because I didn’t think I could take on the responsibilities associated with working as a tanker or healer. You can usually get involved with a bad damage dealer, but if the tank or healer sucks, the game is over. I decided to step out of my comfort zone by playing during these lessons FFXIV, and while my self-confidence in these roles has improved, I’m still worried when it’s time to make a story in the dungeon. I spent an incredible amount of time last night trying to raise my healer to level 70 because even though my tank was already at level 70 and I was able to continue finishing the last dungeon. Stormy I had time in terror refueling its dungeon. The struggle of one of the bosses in the dungeon was so complicated, and there were so many mechanics to remember and warn that I thought I would not survive in any way without killing the party and wasting precious time. I spent a lot of time not being able to get my healer to be 70 so I could do a much easier (yet incredibly stressful) healing job.

I reached 70 with my healer at 3 in the morning. The servers break down in an hour, I’m blindfolded and bent over my keyboard, but I survived. When I get this cave descent done, I’m done. And it should be a quick task, because while traffickers have to wait extraordinarily long times to get to the dungeon, healers don’t because they tend to have higher demand with less supply. I went in line and waited.

And waited.

Oh shit.

I thought the immediate queue was constantly stretching because the stupid, sleepy ass didn’t realize that most people were still playing Final Fantasy XIV an hour before server maintenance is probably a better thing to do than queuing for a dungeon expansion then.

I waited 20 minutes – an incredibly long time as a healer – and thought my search would be completed. Stormy before time runs out, this would end in failure. Of course, I could go back after maintenance and try again, but I was disappointed because I had come so close to achieving my absolutely absurd goal. I looked away and tweeted my failure, my hand moving toward the escape button when I finished so I could log out in my shame. I almost missed the “Duty Commenced” box that told me the party was full and the dungeon was waiting. I almost clicked “cancel” in surprise.

The queue opened at 3.17

It turns out that my fears about this dungeon were unfounded. My group did a light job of boss Shinryu barely scratching, let alone dying. We just blew through it like wet tissue paper, even though the dungeon guide video I watched made me believe this boss was wiping out the party for the slightest mistake. For the seven of you who queued a Stormy Dungeon in the last minutes before the server shuts down, please.

When Shinryu lay dead, and after several dramatic scenes, I arrived Stormyat the end of less than 30 minutes.

I will not be missed Stormy. It was a typical revolutionary story that did not seem to match the grandeur of the stories that preceded it. And at the same time Stormy did not move me in any way Towards the sky and The Kingdom of Reborn this experience definitely improved my overall impression of it. To me, Stormy was an extension of the journey, not the destination, and this time the end of the journey was the best. I remember the travel companions who followed me for the last minutes Stormy with warmth, though I never remember their names and not much else about what happened during this expansion. Now only Shadow Importers stands between my and the moon’s journey Endwalker, and I hear it’s the best of the best.

Will I survive Shadow Importers in time Endwalker? Probably not. But I’ve done reckless sprints Final Fantasy content before, and at twelve, I can do it again.