Netflix’s Hellbound: Will There Be a Season 2?

The six-part first season of Heading to hell fell on Netflix on November 19 and garnered huge ratings, snatching No. 1 on Netflix’s most-watched non-English series list. Based on namesake webtoon, Heading to hell introduces a horror-fantasy world where people begin to receive proclamations about the date and time of their death followed by their inevitable condemnation, circumstances that give way to the insidious emergence of a religious group, The New Truth. While Heading to hell‘s finale solves several of the show’s most important plot points, the last moments of the sixth episode made viewers in disbelief.

If you’re done with the last episode, you’re probably wondering if there’s a sequel season coming up Heading to hell or not. Since the story has left countless stories wide open to explore in a possible follow-up, there must be a season two, right? Although the show has not been renewed by the streamer yet, its season finale may give you an answer to that.

What happened in the final of Hellbound season 1?

As Toughie’s parents sacrifice themselves to save him from his prophesied condemnation, the doctrine of the new truth is proven completely false in the eyes of the world. With their inevitable doom, people are likely to look for the real cause of these supernatural beings who condemn humans to hell. There is plenty of material to work with if and when Heading to hell being renewed for another round.

HELLBOUND, (aka JIOK), (Season 1, ep. 102, aired in the United States on November 19, 2021).  photo: JUNG Jaegu / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Moreover, the season finale ends on an amazing cliffhanger with Park Jeong-ja literally rising from the ashes. After being convicted and subsequently sweating to death by the demonic beings, Park’s resurrection may indicate that there is hope that the numerous victims of the catastrophic condemnations throughout the season may be able to come back to life. But was Park just an anomaly, and if so, what made her an exception among a host of victims? Does Toughie also make it out of his encounter with the monsters, a harbinger that he is the “messiah” that people have been looking forward to meeting?

What has Yeon Sang-ho said about Hellbound season 2?

When we discuss the future of Hellbound with Variety, the show creator Yeon Sang-ho hinted at the future of the series. “Because Heading to hell is based on the original webtoons, my partner Choi Kyu-Seok and I have decided that the story will be told first through the webtoon, and as to whether we want to make it another live-action series, it is something we will need further discussion about, “Sang-ho said.” As you know, we have only just released Heading to hell season 1, and so we did not have time to discuss that issue with Netflix. So, bottom line is that we need further discussion. “

Yeon clearly has big plans for the series and would like to continue the story when it gets the green light from Netflix. We do not know with you, we certainly can not remain calm until we get a season two of Heading to hell. Psst, Netflix, are you listening?

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