Nov. 23-27: Hockey Holiday presents 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown on ABC, three exclusive National Hockey League matches on ESPN + / Hulu and 43 Out of Market games on The Walt Disney Company Networks and streaming platforms throughout Thanksgiving Week

  • Tuesday, November 23: Connor McDavid and Edmonton Oilers vs. Dallas Stars on ESPN + and Hulu
  • on Friday, November 26th: Thanksgiving Showdown: New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins on ABC and ESPN + and Hulu; St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks and New Jersey Devils vs. Nashville Predators on ESPN + and Hulu
  • Hockey Holiday presents 27 matches Friday through Sunday on ESPN +, a total of 43 out-of-market games this week
  • Friday’s New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins available in Spanish from ESPN Deportes; St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks available in Spanish on ESPN +
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The Walt Disney Company’s National Hockey League (NHL) tour kicks off Thanksgiving holiday week with an exclusive national game on ESPN + and Hulu before Friday’s 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown, featuring one exclusive game on ABC and two on ESPN + / Hulu. . In addition, from Friday to Sunday, Hockey Holiday will present 27 games on ESPN + and a total of 43 out-of-market games, each with selectable home and guest broadcasts, will be streamed on ESPN + this week. *

The week kicks off when the Edmonton Oilers (13-4-0) visit Dallas Stars (7-7-2) at 8:30 p.m., the ET Oilers in red. Connor McDavid will try to continue their 17 – game – long season opener after following an incredible highlight in the entire Winnipeg Jets defense last week. Bob Wischusen is alongside a play-by-play analyst AJ Mleczko. Tuesday night’s studio broadcast will be hosted by John Buccigross, with Kevin Weekes and John Tortorella as analysts.

The 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown kicks off on Friday at 1pm on ET ABC as the New York Rangers (11-4-3) face off against the Boston Bruins (9-5-0) in Boston. Boston favorite, Sean McDonough calls the on-ice activity from which the analysis originates Ray Ferraro and AJ Mleczko. Studio coverage is provided Steve Levy, Mark Messier and Chris Chelios for the first two games of the day. Coverage for the 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown will then shift to ESPN + / Hulu as the St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks meet at 3:30 p.m. ET and the New Jersey Devils (8-5-3) against the Nashville Predators (9-7). -1) 6 p.m. ET. Arda Ocal hosts the night game based on the analysis of the studio review Barry Melrose.

** Watch NHL games on ESPN, ABC, ESPN + and Hulu **

Unique NHL games on ABC, ESPN + and Hulu this week:

DateTime (ET)NetworkTeams & On-Air Talent

November 23

20.30ESPN + / HuluEdmonton Oilers vs. Dallas Stars

Game at a time: Bob Wischusen

Analyst: AJ Mleczko

Studio: John Buccigross, Kevin Weekes, John Tortorella


November 26

at 1 p.m.ABC, ESPN Sports,

ESPN + / Hulu

New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins

Game at a time: Sean McDonough

Analysts: Ray Ferraro, AJ Mleczko

Studio: Steve Levy, Mark Messier, Chris Chelios

15:30ESPN + / HuluSt. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Game at a time: John Buccigross

Analysts: Brian Boucher, Emily Kaplan

Studio: Steve Levy, Mark Messier, Chris Chelios

at 6 p.m.ESPN + / HuluNew Jersey Devils vs. Nashville Predators

Game at a time: Leah Hextall

Analyst: Kevin Weekes

Studio: Arda Ocal, Barry Melrose

* Commentator roles are subject to change.

NHL in Spanish

The opening match for the Friday 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown will be broadcast in Spanish on ESPN Deportes at 1 p.m. The New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins show an analysis by Kenneth Garay, Carlos Rossell.

The St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks match at 3.30pm ET will be streamed in Spanish on ESPN +.

NHL Out of Market games on ESPN +

ESPN + will be streaming 43 out-of-market games this week, including 24 games during the Thanksgiving holiday from Friday to Sunday. Highlights include Monday’s Western Conference match between the series ’successful Carolina Hurricanes (14-2-0) in San Jose Sharks (8-8-1) as Canes aim to continue their four-match winning streak. On Wednesday, the Eastern Conference leader Florida Panthers (13-2-3) will seek their fourth consecutive victory against the Philadelphia Flyers (8-5-3) at home, while the New York Rangers (11-4-3) will face off. New York Islanders (5-7-2) in battle for New York. The Florida Panthers will return to ESPN + on Friday against the Eastern Division in the third division of the Washington Capitals (11-2-5) at 2 p.m. ET. On Saturday, the Canadians will face off when the Winnipeg Jets (9-4-4) face the Calgary Flames (10-3-5) at 8 p.m. On Sunday, division division leader Carolina Hurricanes (14-2-0) will face the Washington Capitals (11-2-5) in a battle for control of the Metropolitan division at 1 p.m. ET.

Throughout the season, ESPN + covers more than 1,000 exclusive market games. For the latest schedules of all NHL games streamed on ESPN +, go to

* Unmarketed games are subject to local power outages.



Point will return to its normal time on December 2 at 3pm ET on ESPN2.

In The Crease

New episodes In The Crease streams exclusively on ESPN + every NHL game day, after the last game of the day. On tuesday John Buccigross hosted with the analysis Kevin Weekes and John Tortorella. 2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown In The Crease hosts Arda Ocal, who come along Barry Melrose in-depth analysis, interviews, highlights and much more about the day’s NHL gaming activity.

Out of line at SportsCenter

On November 5, Connor McDavid scored a jaw-dropping goal when the Oilers returned from a 4-1 loss and defeated Rangers in the OT. On November 18, McDavid exploded once again with a second-year goal. Jeremy Schaap sits with McDavid and his teammates to discuss perhaps the biggest goal of McDavid’s career. Kevin Weekes joins the segment’s SportsCenter.


In the Crease – ESPN NHL Podcast with Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan

Hall of Fame sports broadcaster Linda Cohn and a national NHL reporter Emily Kaplan Continue to bring their insider insights, reporting, reactions, and analysis to the latest news headlines and under radar stories both on and off the ice in new episodes every Monday and Thursday. How to listen and episode guide.

ESPN daily

Emily Kaplan is the host ESPN daily podcast on Tuesday and Wednesday. On tuesday ESPN daily Emily Kaplan and John Buccigross discuss what makes Connor McDavid a great Gretzky level in the world of hockey.

NHL on

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