The scariest moments from the original movies

The classic Ghostbusters have returned to director Jason Reitman’s film Ghostbusters: Afterlife, a sequel to his father Ivan Reitman’s films Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. To celebrate their victorious return, we at Arrow in the Head have decided to look back at the original Ghostbusters movies and put together a list of our favorite moments when these ghost-filled comedies tumbled into a zone of horror. Scroll down to see what we selected for the list we invited Ghostbusters: The most horrible moments.


At the request of EPA’s Walter Peck (William Atherton), Ghostbusters ’ghost control unit will be decommissioned, and the next one will be both creepy and cool. As Mick Smiley’s song “Magic” plays on the soundtrack, ghosts begin to wreak havoc all over the streets of New York. A monstrous creature crashes out of the subway, a rotten body takes control of a taxi, an iconic ghost known as Slimer attacks a hot dog cart… and ghosts travel towards 550 Central Park West, an apartment building that acts as a superconducting antenna. , designed and constructed to retract and concentrate mental turbulence. Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), a young woman who has been captured by the demigod Zuul, also happens to be in that building. It would have been even cooler if we had seen ghosts cause more chaos on the way to Central Park West, but what Ivan Reitman was able to show us still manages to give this part of the film an epic feel, and a chosen excerpt from the film. The “Magic” song fits in perfectly.


Granted, it doesn’t sound like the view of a hundred-foot-long marshmallow sailor with a happy look on his face is creepy at all. Still, the way Reitman describes the Stay Puft marshmallow’s presentation, at first only seeing glimpses from his head at the top of the buildings, is a little creepy. Even though we see the whole, silly-looking creature, he still has a menacing edge because the Ghostbusters are afraid of him. Like most people, they encounter an echo-sized creature, whether marshmallows or not. In fact, Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) says he is “terrified of more than rational thinking” when he looks at Stay Puft’s approach. This is a great example of how something can be fun and creepy at the same time. Then, when Stay Puft steps on top of the church, Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) decides it’s time for him and his comrade to open fire to the mother.


Although the genocide-crazy Vigo Carpathian (Wilhelm von Homburg, the voice of Max Von Sydow) generally seems more worrying than any of the first. Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II there are not as effective horror scenes as its predecessor. However, it has its moments. The most significant episode is where Egon, Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) have to travel along a dark subway tunnel to find the source of an underground mucus. As the cut heads of several Vigo victims appear around the trio for pike, Winston notices that there are more scary things in the tunnel than the rats. Seconds later, the ghost train hits him – but those severed ends are much scarier than the ghost train.


Opening two and a half minutes Ghostbusters are pure horror movies. On the soundtrack to the ghostly music produced by composer Elmer Bernstein, we follow the librarian (Alice Drummond) through the New York Public Library – and at first she doesn’t notice books floating between the shelves behind her or that some invisible force is messing with the card list. When he finally notices, he is stunned and runs away through the maze of stacks. Turning around the corner, bright light and a strong wind blow him in the face… and if it weren’t for the fact that the film’s non-horror film logo would appear on the screen to the accompaniment of Ray Parker Jr.’s voices. ‘s awesome theme song, it would be easy to believe that we had just started watching a film that was going to take a more serious approach to its paranormal action.


In preparation for the date with Peter Venkman, Dana Barrett sits in an armchair in the living room of her apartment … and then the term “armchair” takes on a whole different meaning when terrible hands are torn from the chair. grabbing him and holding him in place. The chair swivels toward the door in the hallway, which opens and reveals a creature called a “terrorist dog” on the other side. This chair then slides down the hallway and takes the screaming Dana aboard the room with Terror Dog. When he and the chair are inside the room, the door slams shut behind him. The next time we see him, he will be captured by Zulus. This is another scene that would have played out in exactly the same way if this had been a completely serious horror movie.

Honorable Mention – GOSTBUSTERS: NOTICE

We tried to focus on the supernatural moments when compiling this list, but the first Ghostbusters has one scene that deserves honorable mention, even though it doesn’t contain any paranormal activity at all. It’s a peaceful scene of Winston and Ray driving the streets of New York in a Ghostbusters vehicle on the Ecto-1, wondering if the increase in spiritual turbulence they perceived could have anything to do with the end times predicted in the Bible Revelation. They even quote a particularly icy passage from the book and sneak out so thoroughly that they have to put music on to get their minds off what they were just talking about. There are no ghosts here, but it’s a gorgeous, creepy scene.