Unsure: For the first time, every single costume was designed by a black woman

If the two had had their will, there would have been several more outfit changes for all four women – as well as from the supporting characters Lawrence, Condola and Nathan, who all appear briefly in the episode and also wear the appearance of black woman. designers. Rae, however, stepped in to curb their enthusiasm at some point. “Issa ruined our lives and told us we could not add more outfits,” Turini says.

“She wrote an email that said, ‘Just to be clear – this is same day! ‘”remembers Aniobi.

Working so close to episode seven was an experience for Turini and Aniobi, who are both virgins and act accordingly. In the past, Turini jokes that they have been on rocky ground because Aniobi was usually tasked with giving costume notes: “I was like, you’re my nemesis.”

“She literally called me her nemesis for my face, on stage, to other people, in lyrics – everywhere,” says Aniobi, confirming.

The two eventually got used to each other’s work styles and were able to predict how the other would react to certain ideas and suggestions. “It was like working with the family,” Turini says.

Now that Insecure is almost over, they both hope to have similar work experiences in the future. Meanwhile, they have warm reflections of the show, content with the space it has carved out in the culture and secured the legacy it will leave behind. “I hope that in 10 years or in 20 years when people watch reruns of Insecure, they still feel connected to the wardrobe, ”says Turini. She adds that other costume designers – not just black designers – should add black female designers to their shows. “It doesn’t always have to lie on our shoulders,” she says.

Aniobi agrees and notes how thoroughly Insecure supported black talent and made representation part of its mission. “From the music to the wardrobe to the locations, [Insecure] is a capsule of our culture now, ”says Aniobi. “I do not know what show is coming next time that embraces us so deeply in this way. I would like to continue that. I do not want this to be a moment. But it has been beautiful so far.”

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