6 House Plants That Produce The Most Oxygen

Decorative plants can purify air in urban households, all while boosting overall health

Would you put plants in your bathroom? Bedroom? No? Well, it’s time to think again. Decorative plants will make your home pretty and purify the air in each and every room. Pretty plants have incredible power and we have listed the best greenery for your home.

Some plants require low light which makes them perfect for your bathroom. A tiny fluorescent light bulb will do the trick for you.

Humidity and temperature

Most plants don’t like too much humidity and high temperature. Tropical flora thrives well in bathrooms.

Space and position

Bathrooms are small and it’s almost impossible to fit a large plant inside them. You can use hanging plants as a better alternative.

The best plants for your bathroom

1. Aloe Vera

The “plant of immortality” is the perfect option for your bathroom. It’s useful and healthy. Aloe Vera gel can be used as a topical remedy for dry skin, insect bites, burns, etc. Keep your plant near the window. The humidity in your bathroom will be enough to keep the plant alive.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo thrives in low, indirect light, and it doesn’t need much soil. Moreover, it grows well in water, too. Add fresh water every 2-4 weeks and give your plant a physical barrier.

3. Begonia

Keep it indoors during cold winter days, and the bathroom is a good spot. Begonia plant requires daily bathroom humidity and grows well in fluorescent lighting.

4. Boston Fern

It’s native to sub-tropical and tropical rain forests. Boston Fern grows well in indirect light. You can keep it on a windowsill, too. Keep the soil moist in the growing months. The temperature should go between 55 and 75 degrees.

5. Cast Iron Plant

This plant survives in low light, extreme heat, and infrequent watering. It requires low moderate light. Make sure the soil dries out before you re-water the plant. Cast Iron Plant grows well in temperatures ranging from 50 to 85.

6. Chinese Evergreen

It’s incredibly durable plant that grows in indirect sunlight. The Chinese Evergreen is flexible enough so it tolerates different environments.

Golden Pothos is another excellent plant for your bathroom. It thrives in a humid environment. The tips of the leaves turn brown if the air gets too dry. It grows well in areas with low light. Be careful, the plant doesn’t like direct light. Looking for a low-maintenance plant?

Make your own “living wall.”  You can frame vibrant green moss on the wall. Simple as that. Snake plant is great for beginners. It likes humidity and indirect light.

Source: www.housebeautiful.com