12 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat In The Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the  day. What you eat in the morning sets the tone   for the rest of your day.

Hey there viewers  and welcome back to another bestie video! Starting off the day with a nutrient rich  breakfast allows you to power through and   make better decisions. Skipping it  and depriving your body of essential   nutrients will leave you feeling lethargic, mess  up blood sugar levels and even create brain fog.   A nutrient dense breakfast increases  concentration, lowers the chances of   developing diabetes, manages cholesterol and keeps  you chipper.

But which foods will do the trick? Is avocado on the list? What about yogurt?  What makes wild salmon a great breakfast   choice? Today we will be talking about all the  breakfast foods that guarantee a productive day! Egg Starting   off with one of the most popular and  nutritional foods, eggs have been a   popular breakfast choice since anyone can  remember.

Is it worth the hype? Definitely! Both the yolk and white parts are amazing sources  of protein and heart friendly unsaturated fats.   What’s a better way of starting the day than  getting the right dose of your essential   minerals and vitamins? Extremely versatile, eggs  can be cooked in a variety of different ways.   No matter how you make it, they are immensely  filling and will keep you full till lunch time.   This cuts out the unhealthy snacking in between  meals that causes weight gain. Nutritious,   filling, tasty and easily available, they  can also be paired up with sweet potatoes or   ground turkey for a wholesome breakfast. What is your go to method for cooking eggs in the  morning? Tell us in the comments section below! Unsweetened Plain Greek Yogurt Yogurt is a great starter for the day. 

  When you think about it, the overwhelming amount  of good bacteria is something that first comes   to mind. But there’s more benefits than that.  Adding yogurt to your breakfast is a good idea,   especially for anyone looking  to lose a couple of pounds. The nutritional content will keep you energized  throughout the day while maintaining digestive   health. Rich in calcium and packed with  probiotics, you can even add your favorite   fruit for a hint of nutritious sweetness. If  a morning workout is your routine then it can   become your best friend! Diluting some yogurt in  water and mixing it all up with a pinch of rock   salt to make buttermilk is a great post workout  drink that will soothe and heal your muscles.

Oatmeal Watching your weight? Looking for gluten   free breakfast options? Oatmeal is the safest and  most nutritious way to go. It has got to be one   of the top foods for breakfast. A comforting  bowl of oatmeal is a powerhouse of nutrients. This rather simple meal, that can be whipped up  in just a couple of minutes, contains insoluble   fiber that lowers cholesterol and stabilizes  blood sugar which makes you feel fuller.   Antioxidants are another important element  along with certain natural heart-protecting anti   inflammatory properties. The combination of cooked  oats,with organic nut butter and fresh fruits,   minus the artificial sweeteners, will keep  you away from that vending machine for sure. Nut Butter What can’t butter do?   Nut butter is delicious, creamy and  nutritious made from nuts like almonds,   peanuts or walnuts. Filled with the goodness  of heart healthy saturated fats and protein,   tree nuts in general have been linked with weight  loss and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Nut butter is a great way to include protein  to your diet, especially if you’re vegetarian   or vegan. Did you know that people who eat nut  based butter are less likely to be overweight as   compared to people who don’t? That’s true! Adding  a spoonful of your favorite nut butter in your   morning green smoothie, salad bowl or sandwich  will be a great way to kick start your day. Chia Seeds  The chia seed health craze is one bandwagon  you need to jump on! This superfood shot to   fame as one of the healthiest seeds in the  world.

What makes it ideal for breakfast? The antioxidants, fiber, calcium and a host of  other vital nutrients protects your body from   the attack of toxins. Sprinkling some on a bowl  of yogurt with fruit or salad will give your meal   the right amount of nutritional benefits along  with a delicious crunch. Naturally packed with   omega 3 fatty acids, these healthy seeds  induce the feeling of fullness – something   to help you along your weight loss journey. Add  them to your morning by adding them to oatmeal,   smoothies, cereal or puddings.

Avocado  Speaking of superfoods for breakfast, avocado  toast topped with freshly diced tomatoes,   onions and salt and pepper is  enough to power you through the day.   Do you know that the compounds found in avocados  protect the body the same way as olive oil does? Considered to be one of the finest foods  for weight loss, starting a new day with   this amazing fruit paired with an egg is  an award-winning breakfast for champions.   Needless to say, it will increase satiety and  decrease your want for snacking in between meals.   The unique unsaturated fats found naturally cannot  be produced in the body.

These good fats can lower   cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease  and even cancer related to unhealthy lifestyles. Banana Bananas are the   unopposed superstar of potassium. However, their  goodness is not limited to just that. Packed with   filling fiber and other valuable nutrients,  tossing some diced bananas in your fruit bowl,   smoothie will lift up your mood, giving  you an energised start to the day. What makes bananas awesome is the resistant starch  that supports digestive health and doesn’t leave   you feeling bloated or lethargic. Including  them for breakfast also means lowering blood   pressure levels that keep the heart in good  shape. A fun way to incorporate them would   be to add it to your oatmeal with nut butter,  topped with some chia, pumpkin or flax seeds. Spinach Greens are   always a great choice for breakfast.

This leafy  green, the crux for any healthy green juice,   consists of a good amount of folate and muscle  building fiber. Spinach can decrease the chances   of developing osteoporosis or heart disease, two  of the most common problems faced by Americans. Simply adding a handful of this superfood, which  is healthier than kale, will make a whole world   of difference on how you approach your day.  Along with protecting muscle from degeneration,   eating this healthy green every morning  will also increase blood flow in the body.   Sick of just eating eggs and toast for  breakfast? To make your breakfast more   nutrient dense you can add just 1 cup of spinach  into your omelets, egg sandwiches and juices!

Looking for healthy food options? Check out some  of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet!  Now back to making your breakfast  more nutritious and delicious. Berries Berries   win the title for being one of the  healthiest breakfast foods on the planet.   Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and others are  not only rich in heart friendly antioxidants,   but adding them to your breakfast  also gives you a boost of energy. These colorful nutritious fruits contain large  amounts of powerful vitamins which amp up your   breakfast tenfold.

If losing weight is your  goal then an assortment of berries is what   you need to start your day with. Did you know  that they stop fat from forming in the body?   Along with weight loss, adding just 1  cup of different berries in your oatmeal,   cereal or shakes will protect the cells and  give your blood circulation a major boost! Sweet potato Ever thought about starting your day by eating   these flavor and nutrition packed vibrant tubers?  If not then, maybe you should start? Packed with   compounds that burn fat, sweet potatoes are  the perfect way of starting the day. Being   low on the glycemic index they manage to offer a  certain level of fullness – at least till lunch. If you’re bored of eating cereal or eggs and bacon  every morning then sweet potatoes are something   that will offer nutrients while adding a fresh  new option. Swapping your usual morning bagel,   muffin or pastry with this low carb veggie  will give you what you need to face the   day. You can also pair sweet potato hash with  eggs and vegetables for a complete breakfast.   Black tea Normally underrated,   blak tea is a crucial part of a complete diet.  Do you love your morning cuppa joe?

Try making   the switch to black tea, it will wake you  right up! Getting your caffeine fix from   black tea will not just fight lethargy  but will also increase mental alertness. Robust and strong in flavor, it may take some  time for you to get used to it but once you do,   it’s a great beverage that will  keep you focussed through the day.   Just boil some water and add tea leaves.  Let it sit there for a couple of minutes   before running it through a strainer  to give you a rejuvenating cup of tea. Wild salmon Salmon for breakfast?   As odd as it sounds, this fatty fish when paired  with some scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast   creates a delicious, filling  and a rather unique meal.

   Salmon is already considered as a superfood for  the brain because of the high omega 3 fatty acids. If you’re looking to switch up the breakfast  game then adding it, at least twice in a week,   will do the trick. Being a nutrition  powerhouse and packing clean protein,   starting your day with wild salmon will  help you meet everyday nutritional needs   even if you eat not-so-healthy  foods for the rest of the day. It goes without saying that breakfast  should be healthy and not skipped.   Having the right choice of food for the  first meal of the day will help you fill   up on healthy nutrients and give your  immune system a boost. You can also … Check out these breakfast foods  that will help in losing weight. Or Try These superfoods should also  be included in your everyday diet. These 2 videos will be the perfect care  package you need for a healthy day! What do you eat for breakfast? Share your  ideas and suggestions in the comments section.