14 Healthy Foods Women Should Eat Every Day

       A balanced diet is key for a long and healthy life. But did you know that gender plays a role

in determining the best diet for you?

      Hey there viewers and welcome back to bestie. Men and women share almost 95 percent of

their DNA but their diet and nutritional requirements are different. Your body stature,

reproductive functioning, and metabolic rate determine which is the best-suited diet for you.

      For example, women need more calcium than men to avoid the possibility of osteoporosis.

This is because women’s bone density is naturally lower. A well-tailored diet with the right food

choices will make a whole world of difference for the ladies. Dark leafy greens?


Can’t go wrong with eggs! Stay tuned to know about foods that women should eat every day.

Asparagus has numerous health benefits for everyone. It has the highest antioxidant content

among vegetables. Its benefits go beyond that, especially for women. It is loaded with folate

which helps women during pregnancy. It keeps the baby safe from any potential birth defects.

     It is also a good source of estrogen for women who have gone through a hysterectomy.

Because of this unique estrogen production, it also helps in fighting menopause.

From keeping your heart healthy to anti-inflammatory properties asparagus is an underrated vegetable.

Regularly eating it will also reduce signs of aging along with giving you glowing skin and hair.

You can make it a part of any meal by chargrilling it or pan-frying.

What is the one vegetable you swear by for glowing skin and shinier hair?

Share your tips with us in the comments below. Dark Chocolate If you have a sweet tooth then this is welcome

news! Dark chocolate has several benefits including maintaining your heart health and keeping

blood pressure in check. It’s an amazing, healthy, sweet substitute for women.

       The absence of sugar makes it a good choice for diabetics, too.

If you’re having a dull day at work then having some dark chocolate will definitely help.

Eating some, every day, will keep the arteries unclogged and will also improve vision.

Another benefit is that it promotes endorphin release in your body which leaves you feeling happy and relaxed.

Blueberries Did you know that blueberries contain more than twice the amount of antioxidants

compared to other fruits? And they’re more than just pretty desserts, they’re superfoods.

    These tiny berries contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for detox and keep you healthy.

   They can boost immunity and are mainly responsible for muscle growth and repair.

    Eating just half a cup of blueberries every day, sweetened or frozen, will work as an immunity booster,

   prevent urinary tract infections, and will stop age-related memory loss. You can add it to oatmeal,

yogurt, or purple salad in the morning and power through the day!

        Garlic Garlic is a dark horse of the health world. It contains Vitamin B6, manganese,

and Vitamin C among other essential nutrients. It’s also used as a natural and effective

home remedy for the flu. The active compounds also manage high blood pressure and hypertension.

For women, having garlic every day minimizes the possibility of bone loss by increasing estrogen production.

         Eating dry garlic extract every day helps menopausal women to get rid of the problems related to low

estrogen. Garlic and onion together ease problems related to osteoarthritis as well.

         Dark Leafy Greens Green vegetables are everyone’s best friend. Kale, spinach, and lettuce are some

of the most nutrient-rich ones.

        The benefits of these greens include: reduction in inflammation, lowering the risk of obesity,

maintaining heart health, and, of course, improving brain function. From kids to adults everyone

should have a good portion of dark leafy green vegetables every day.

       Packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin A, these are all minerals essential for women.

       Drink green juice, add them to your salad or in pasta and side dishes, there are many fun ways

of including these vegetables in everyday meals. Lentils Lentils are a staple and women should eat

them every day or at least three times a week.

         Especially if you’re over 40. Did you know that lentils are 3rd for being the most protein-dense

vegetable on the planet?

For women who tend to overeat, lentils are a huge relief. Due to its slow digestion process,

you will feel fuller for longer and will not feel like indulging in sinful snacks.

       If you are approaching your 40s then they should be a regular part of your diet because

it also regulates weight loss. If you’re vegan or vegetarian by choice then they are the best substitute for red meat.

Flaxseed Often termed a wonder food, just one tablespoon of flaxseed will give you long-term health benefits.

Packed with protein, carbs, fiber, and numerous other important minerals and vitamins,

they’re beneficial for your brain, tissues, and organs. Flaxseed also promotes healthier-looking skin and hair.

      From soups to salad to baked goods, they can be eaten with anything. Women should eat flaxseed every

day to improve cognitive function that tends to decrease with age.

They are also helpful in flushing out toxins and excess fat from the body.

       The dietary fiber present in these seeds keeps your gut and digestion healthy as well.

Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes host many nutrients that are valuable for women.

They contain large amounts of Vitamin B6 which is great for the brain.

They’re also loaded with fiber that maintains gut health and protein which is necessary for maintaining muscles.

Sweet potatoes contain iron that helps promote fertility among women.

Eating more iron from food sources such as these can help in reversing secondary fertility,

as well as reducing the chances of ovulatory infertility.

         They also have Vitamin A which is good for the eyes, skin, and urinary tract health in women.

         Vitamins are essential for a healthy body but how do you know you have a vitamin deficiency?

Now back to foods that women should eat every day. Plain yogurt There are many reasons why plain yogurt

should be in the everyday diet. Women normally don’t meet their daily requirements for calcium.

Having a cup of plain, low-fat yogurt will fulfill that amount because it contains more calcium

content than one cup of milk. It helps women keep their bones and teeth strong.

     Due to the natural presence of good bacteria or probiotics, yogurt is a great way of keeping

your nervous system healthy. Blend it up in a smoothie or have it with fresh fruits, it’s a great way

of compensating for protein deficiencies especially among vegetarians.

       Eggs Eggs are packed with nutrition vital for women’s health. Being easily digestible

and containing healthy fats, these nutrients have been linked with lowering the chances of breast cancer in women.

     They are a popular breakfast choice and starting your day with essential omega 3,

phosphorus and protein are a great idea.

      Eggs are considered high-quality protein because they contain all of the essential amino acids

your body needs on a daily basis. Scramble it, make a breakfast burrito or boil it.

      They’re versatile, cheap, and easily available. Beans Did you know that hormone imbalances in women can

trigger several health conditions like skin inflammation, acne, eczema, and weight fluctuations?

      Having beans as part of your meal will control appetite, manage diabetes and stabilize blood glucose levels.

      Beans are also great sources of antioxidants and other healing herbs.

     They’re also low in fat and high in protein and fiber which aids weight loss.

     Being legumes, they lower the possibility of cardiovascular diseases in women.

     Although beans have been a staple among households for hundreds of years, it has currently

evolved into a superfood. Eating them every day and especially for lunch, will help you power through the day.

Walnuts Walnuts are found everywhere these days. From muffins to chocolates and bread,

        these nutrient-rich superfoods will not just add an earthy taste to any meal but will also

provide health benefits.

      These include weight control, reduced chances of developing or aggravating cancer, and

an improved level of cognition like better memory. Did you know that eating walnuts can also fight depression?

This is especially good news because women have a greater risk of developing this problem.

      Using a couple of walnuts, chopped up, in your salad or as a garnish on your soup will be enough.

       Almonds Almonds are a nutrient powerhouse. Just an ounce, around 23 pieces,

contains enough healthy fat to keep your heart in good shape. One of the main components of

this nut is Vitamin E which helps in significantly decreasing the severity of wrinkles.

      Not just that, eating them regularly helps women to lose weight due to the presence of health

and skin-boosting minerals.

     Almonds also contain a dense amount of folic acid which is good news for pregnant women.

     They support a healthy pregnancy by lowering the chances of birth defects.

     Cruciferous Vegetables Cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, collard greens,

arugula, broccoli, and bok choy. Pairing these with other colorful vegetables like yellow bell peppers

and carrots will provide all types of vitamins and minerals important for staying healthy.

      These foods not only look pretty but when eaten regularly they reduce the chances of

developing breast cancer. Cruciferous vegetables are also unique because they have

sulfur-containing compounds that are known to have cancer-fighting properties,

reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, and enhance heart health. Have you been eating these foods regularly?